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Fishing at its best in the Bay of Fundy!

July Fishing with the pros We are full swing into our 2014 fishing season here at St. Andrews Sport Fishing Co.! With lots of Sport Fishing trips we have had some amazing groups out and we’ve been into TONS of Cod so far this year on our 3-4 hour Sport Fishing adventures!...

First trip and first shark! Shark fishing on the Bay of Fundy with the pros!

Another Successful Shark Trip for St. Andrews Sport Fishing! The 2014 fishing season started off with a BANG! An 8.6′ Porbeagle to be exact! 🙂 Check back for more details and photos!!!      

Is Spring Finally Here for the Bay of Fundy?

Hey there Fishing Friends! We are finally starting to see some warmer weather coming our way on the Bay of Fundy and you know what that means!? You guessed it, Sport Fishing and Shark Fishing/Tagging with St. Andrews best fishing crew. 🙂 We are so excited for the 2014 season with...